Happy new year 2010

2009-12-29 16:28:17 by XBatsuX

Just to wish every Newgrounders a Happy New Year 2010, even if it's a bit in advance.

Yay Website update!

2007-09-20 08:46:32 by XBatsuX

After Super Metroid Quiz, I've updated my website with new arts. One of them is on newgrounds in a thread called MSPaint Sexy Girls. So go take a look when you have time!

Check in my profile for tha link!

Have a nice day!


PS: Prison Break is fucking awesome!

Super Metroid Quiz!!!

2007-09-11 02:25:07 by XBatsuX

I've finished my best quiz so far!

Based on the game Super Metroid from Nintendo....
Did you know that the game was finished in 1993 with 22 people to work on it? (wikipedia)
A game that took me 8h01 min. for my first play cause I was searching everywhere to find all the items and ended only with 74% lol. You know what it gives you? Only the Green visor of Samus's suit is removed lol.

Anyway, hope you'll like my quiz! (Or liked for those who did it already)


First post

2007-08-20 13:26:19 by XBatsuX

It'S my first post so I'll made it simple.
I've updated my website and I have posted my Metroid art in the Forum of the same name.

I have so many ideas for a next project.... I hope my idea will work well.

Anway Have a good day!